Music publishing is one of the most important aspects of music copyright that often gets neglected by musicians and other music professionals.  Our music publishing team offers music creators the invaluable service of full and proper registration with Performance Rights Societies so that music royalties are directly collected and accounted for every time music is broadcast globally on platforms such as radio and television. 

Relax and allow our experienced team to register you and/or your catalogue of songs so that no royalties are unaccounted for and your catalogue is optimally managed. 

Music Publishing

Registration with Performance Rights Organisation

We will register you with the performance rights organisation of your choice (or PRS, United Kingdom) for royalty collections.

Pricing applies per artist/composer.

Registration of Songs

Register up to 6 singles each year or 1 album/EP with your performance rights society

Register up to 12 singles each year or 1 album/EP and 4 singles with your performance rights society

Pricing applies per artist/record label account

Radio submissions and Synchronisation Usage

Distribute your music to global radio stations for radio airplay opportunities and to other avenues such as movies

Let us help your music to get considered for usage in TV, Films and more