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‘Humans’ Video, Unheard Voices and a Viral Future

Yaksta’s 2020 music video, ‘Humans’, gains relevance going into 2021 as virus and vaccine discussions go viral

Yaksta performs on the ‘Humans’ music video set

Jamaican recording artiste, Yaksta, was very selective about who would be commissioned to shoot the music video for ‘Humans’, a song released in October, 2020 that voiced his deep thoughts and concerns about politics, health, freedom, devastation and philosophy amidst the deadly Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. With arguably the most thought-provoking song of 2020, Yaksta has received widespread support and airplay on mainstream radio and internet radio stations both in Jamaica and globally. ‘Humans’ continues to resonate with our current predicament in 2021 with threats from Covid-19 as serious and as deadly as at the start of the pandemic. Lockdown measures are in place around the globe and humans are voicing safety concerns about the rapid spread of Covid-19. These topics have come to dominate the digital space, as music made for more happier times has taken a back seat.



“I wanted visuals that would stand up to the passing of time” –
Davyfrsh, ‘Humans’ Videographer


Yaksta recalls: “I needed a videographer that could see the future like I see it, so Davyfrsh was my first choice.”

Professionally known as Davyfrsh, Davion Lyons is a Digital Media Production graduate of the University of the West Indies. He has worked with top Jamaican performers such as Aidonia, Charly Black, I-Octane, Proteje and Romain Virgo to name a few. From the very start of the creative process for Yaksta’s ‘Humans’ video, Davyfrsh knew he wanted to use contemporary images of protest, especially those causes such as the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. He also dealt with the theme of minority inclusion by thoughtfully inviting Jamaican sign language interpreter, Toni Aiken, to get the song’s powerful message across to the hearing-impaired.

Davyfrsh said: “I found it very easy to bring the song’s powerful lyrics to life because the message was clearly relevant to our here and now. I felt the responsiblity to give the song a visual life that was worthy of the great lyrics. I also wanted visuals that would stand up to the passing of time. That’s why I went for a simple performance theme with visuals that would act like flashbacks to viewers in the future.”


Yaksta – ‘Humans’ (Official Music Video)

2020 was a year dominated by the Coronavirus pandemic and the beginning of 2021 saw global lockdowns being implemented with rapid efficiency. News focusing on healthcare, safety and vaccination continues to trend, dominating the worldwide web’s viral and digital space. Like historic events, great music will always remain a timeless topic for discussion and great artists, despite the passing of time, will always acquire fans on a generational basis. Readers are encouraged to listen and share ‘Humans’ on all social media platforms and to follow Yaksta on his social media channels for more thought-provoking content. Use the hashtag #TrendHumans to get involved and share your support.



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