Cover Artwork for ‘Assets (Fowl Coop) released on 25 May 2021

Jamaican reggae singer and songwriter, Kemaul Martin, professionally known as Yaksta (Bush Lawd), has had a remarkable year in terms of music sales, streams and radio plays both online and offline. Yaksta has seen notable growth in his fan base and online platforms, some of which increased more than tenfold after he released ‘Humans’ in 2020.  ‘Humans’ was followed up by his recent chart-topping hit, ‘Ambition’, at the start of 2021 and these songs helped to propel Yaksta’s name from relative obsurity to the heights of televised political summits.  Yaksta’s lyrics are now being quoted in Jamaica’s House of Representatives and on the streets of cities, towns and parishes around the globe.  His new song, ‘Assets (Fowl Coop)’, released on 28th May 2021, is equally as powerful and speaks directly to the progressive, hard-working, entrepreneurs hoping to emerge victorious from the harsh economic, health and practical realities of living in the Covid19 pandemic era.

Yaksta standing tall at 6’5″ on a photo shoot in May 2021

Sanjay Negus, Yaksta’s manager and CEO of WussMusikk, is optomistic about ‘Assets (Fowl Coop)’ and the energy surge it is generating to further boost Yaksta’s recent and rapid acceleration in Jamaica’s very tough and highly competitive music scene.

He explained, “With the release of ‘Assets (Fowl Coop)’, fans can now look forward to the music video coming soon and a string of more great songs from Yaksta.  They will also hear his eagerly-awaited EP called ‘Late Bloomer’ when we tour the world next year (2022)”.

Mr Negus added,  “Me and Yaksta have been working together since 2015 and in that time I have learned so much with Yaksta.  We give thanks for this success.  We always knew the tree would bear fruit one day so we never gave up.  It was hard but we just kept pushing, you know.  We thank everyone that helped us on our journey and those continuing to push Yaksta.  A lot of people believe in him and want to help us grow.  This is a beautiful blessing and right now we are focussed on pushing the new release called, “Assets (Fowl Coop)” and I thank everyone around the world that is pushing and promoting the song for Yaksta.”

Yaksta – feeling at home with nature

Born in St Mary, a small parish in northeast Jamaica, Yaksta’s heritage plays a significant role in his authentic sound. Intertwining reggae, dancehall and hiphop beats with emotive lyrics that touch on social and political issues, In the new single, ‘Assets (Fowl Coop)’, Yaksta wisely uses his rapidly growing platforms, his prowess as a performer and his pure and honest voice to positively influence fans towards productivity and practical community empowerment. In the song, Yaksta encourages today’s youths to stay away from crime and anti-social behaviour.  He instead urges them to reconnect with their local roots and to engage in farming and other productive businesses so that they can support themselves, their communities and the environment.

To the surprise of Yaksta’s St Mary community and his Jamaican reggae/dancehall fanbase, Yaksta’s lyrics were quoted in Jamaica’s House of Representatives on 16 May 2021 by Floyd Green, MP.  The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries directly quoted from Yaksta’s ‘Ambition’ hit song when he advised the House that it was time for ‘farming over flossing’.  The new Ministry initiative will direct “20% of all of its benefits” towards “youth in agriculture” according to Floyd Green MP.  He informed the House that “$200,000,000 JMD from a productivity incentive programme” had been ringfenced towards assisting young people in agriculture and that “preferential terms” would be made availabe to youths putting government lands to use for farming.

Yaksta and the Minister are working towards the same outcome, which is to improve the economic outlook of Jamaica’s young farmers.  This should send a positive message to young agricultural entrepeneurs and hopefully encourage more.  ‘Assets (Fowl Coop)’ is a very fitting song for this and it also highlights Yaksta’s philosophy and promotes the minister’s plans.  The Jamaican public should expect to see a surge in youth farming as a direct result of this synergy.

Floyd Green MP (Jamaica’s Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries)

This year has perhaps been more than remarkable for Yaksta since he has now gained the industry’s respect and recognition evidenced by a string of media interviews and playlist placements, including BBC Radio 1Xtra (UK).  Yaksta has benefited greatly from the natural, organic traction drawn to his official YouTube channel and his other social media accounts to the extent that he is rapidly consolidating his status as a cult artist who delivers effective messages in songs such as ‘Humans’ (2020), ‘Ambition’ (2021) and now ‘Assets (Fowl Coop)’ from which fans can expect no less.

Yaksta revealed in a recent interview with Runabeat Media, “I am now looking forward to some great collaborations from other artists in Jamaica and abroad.  A lot of studio work has been put in already and more collab requests keep coming.  2021 is gonna be a great year for spreading my music and my philosophy to all corners of the Earth.  There is a lot of good music coming my way now.  It gives me faith in the youths.  The narrative is changing; people’s consciousness is rising.  A lot of vision out there and awareness.  It’s like my message is the people’s message, not just for me to speak.  It is everybody’s language”. 

Yaksta being interviewed by Seanie B, BBC Radio 1Xtra

Whilst touring has taken a backseat in the last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Yaksta has continued to remain relevant within the business by releasing good content. His songs and the messages contained within them seem to resonate with his growing fanbase of progressive youths and Yaksta’s music is growing from strength to strength. Yaksta’s strategic business and management team, WussMuzikk (USA) and Runabeat Music (UK), have been receiving a growing number of enquiries for endorsement deals and bookings this year, so they anticipate that Yaksta’s 2022 ‘Late Bloomer’ world tour should kick off in the UK in February 2022. The focus of the tour will be to promote his EP, called ‘Late Bloomer’, that he is currently working on. Global promoters and festival organisers are encouraged to contact to book Yaksta or to book him for America and/or the Caribbean.

Yaksta’s fans are encouraged to stream, listen and share ‘Assets (Fowl Coop)’ and to follow Yaksta on his social media platforms to keep up-to-date with all his activities and to be the first to watch the soon to be released ‘Assets (Fowl Coop)’ music video.

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