No Woman Like Her
By Yanna

No Woman like her
Peers fight her
All sight her
None do right by her
Spreadeagled in ash
For yet another lash
Submerged in water
For yet more torture
Hurting, angering, cursing
No sling and under no wing
Hating and opinionated
Waiting for no marriage
Made up like a clown
Sporting wigs with a frown
Fronting and sprouting
Bouncing and tempting
Chilling like cider
But missed from the rider
Champagne’s their game
Its not chilled the same
Its for flossing; its popping
No red crosses
It’s sweet dessert topping

Even for the uncultured tame
With age comes ugly
Cracks form abundantly
Bottles stop pop
Faces drop amok
Remember the tick tock?
Now here comes the flock
The field has now levelled
You once fine devils
Your lives now at risk
Yes, from a tasty fish dish
Your history’s her new story
Been forged in the scent of coffee
We see her: Its special
Her life’s surpassed trivial
She’s real and mature
And he opens her door
Timetables turn quick
With his ticklish blue tick