Didn’t Love You Anyway

By Yanna


Such and such at dusk
They yawned at dawn
The late last breakfast
The early end steadfast
It’s done and spoken
Auto-retreat: it’s broken

Felony memory
Recalls what they tore
First floor balcony
No curtains to draw
Unforgotten clues begotten
Aut0-recall that kettle bottom

No secrets to keep
No feelings run deep
The mistake of mishaps
Now weighs on their laps
Stay, go, stay
Didn’t love you anyway

Off-spring ask things
Don’t believe in bee stings
Demanding duties like love
Expecting time with no plug
Think they are beautiful
How outwardly pitiful

If the source does not love you
Believe what is true
If it hurts like hot pepper
Your clues will cool you
Give love? Give hate?
Bait or make your gate great