Quack Quack

By Yanna


You can’t hurt me
You’re under me
Buried in your own self pity
Desperate for a perfect selfie
Like code you rode the net
Still surfing cos you aint got hacked yet
Trolls and pirates lurk I bet
Shame, tears and debt is what you’ll get
Ride on Tiger
Fake stripes cant hide a Lion Spider
I’m waiting on you
I’m addicted to who?
Yes you, the fool
I’m waiting and watching you
Like the clock in high school
Stalking you
The movie whose story’s true
Try to rise with a root-full basket
In the hole you dug there sits a casket
It’s your size
Enemies and frenemies
Partners and harmsters
Dumplings and ducklings
Water off a duck’s back
Quack Quack