Margin Call Falls


Margin Call Falls
By Yanna

Store some value, bulk or a little bit
Coin a phrase: stellar neon lights are lit
Rely on someone, land somewhere in soil
Or mine your own gold, or drill your own oil
The digital age, critical usage
Pitiful gains, the hidden crucifix
Bears run from bulls, sharks and whales chasing too
Stay for your downfall? Or flee and leave all?
Your instinct will tell you at margin call
All those indicators from smart traders
In the casino thinking they’re teachers
The market will fall: you will lose it all
But that bounce-back: what do you take me for?
Patience and courage unlocked the closed door
I forced through, bounced high and scattered the floor
Now I’m a gamblers’ guru: I say ‘buy’
And they ask me how high? I say ‘sell now’
And they follow: I made the rich list
But no one knows so no venom is hissed
No vipers to kiss me, who they once dissed
I’m glad I’m alone with new canvass tones
No stones, no bones: my own home made friend zone
Fresh eyes can’t judge me nor nudge me back down
To the lame old crowd: the unknown home town
When the markets rise I do what I do
When the markets pull back I do it too
It’s good for me now, to live as I do
You wanna be me? I dare you: fight through