Secret Stalker

By Yanna


I watch you. You know I do. All the time

I see you. I find you intentional

Provocational, purposeful: that’s you

Tempted to say ‘Hi’ to befall ‘Bye Bye’

Why? Why not watch for a wee bit longer

As a sorry stranger with shield and stealth

Until my heart reveals it’s sad, bad health

A hot, pounding mess in a chest with wounds

Afraid of pure pain that subsists in gloom

A tycoon’s harpoon won’t kill me softly

It will burn as I fight and drown my might

I will gasp, I will frown, hail will beam down

The Sun will rain and the moon will look stained

Rainbows will form upwards,

outside the norm

Blue skies will be busy with clouds

all torn

I’ll continue to watch as cowards do

Maybe I’ll stalk you, perhaps plan a coup

Maybe you want something totally new?