By Yanna


Surely peaceful silence
Absolutely no violence
Surely they infringed on this right
They left late with noise last night
Migraine now beats my brain
And they plan to return to do the same
I need a life, or call it space
I’m crowded yet I leave no trace
Good times are now bad ones
Lights are dim where they once shone
Value met me, now it’s gone
Thoughts of losses so solemn
A value of uselessness…

Ashamed to face my story
Wasted time and no glory
A magnate for losers to hang
Feeding and picking me slowly
Aching my peace, a constant Bang
Music? The Door? I don’t know anymore
They torment my mind with this daily grind
It is time to close the door?
Time to reclaim peace and space?
I long for it though I’ve forgotten it