The Elderly

By Yanna


The adult me is still the carefree child
My will to mature is pretence times four
I want to skip and jump forevermore
I want to crash land in sand when I can
But strict eyes are upon the elderly
Remorseful role models, sadly not free
Respected by custom to a degree
Remember the winner sinners you see
Soon they’ll age and be looked up too – like me!
Their minds do not change to deadpan from free
Society dictates conformities
And nature states impossibilities
However it’s seen the mind’s evergreen
Candy will taste sweet; forever a treat
Never ever too old to remember
Forever never too old to forget
That sweet surrender: that feeling you get
When the mind roams freely, fresh from that fret
Did we do well? Did we earn a welcome?
Is Paradise a prison in Heaven?
If we rise, where to? Do we stay down still?
Is it right to think? It’s more than succinct